Casino Security – Don’t Take a Gamble


Is Your Security System a Safe Bet?

Casinos are subject to strict regulations, hold large amounts of cash and present a unique challenge for security and surveillance systems. Visual data from hundreds of cameras must be recorded and analysed 24/7, 365 days a year – to track chips and cards, capture quick hand movements and trace fraudulent cash transactions. All this takes place under changing, and often low-light, conditions. The most advanced monitoring technology is needed to meet these challenges, delivering highest image qualities, minimal latency and downtime, and reliable failover capability, as well as enabling intelligent integration with other security and subsystems.

Efficient Integration of Security Systems

Developed for maximum performance and flexibility, Synectics’ security solutions build on Synectics’ powerful Synergy 3 command and control platform. It allows the integration of an unlimited number of cameras, provides high-resolution video image quality, high storage rates (data volume per minute), and multiple failover - and has perhaps the most user-friendly graphic interface available today. Intuitive menu guidance and customizable workflows mean that Synergy 3 is the ideal solution for complex security environments.

Synectics´ solutions provide a high level of integration. In addition to a broad range of interfaces, virtually any legacy system can be integrated seamlessly - from third-party cameras through to existing access control, alarm or building management systems. It’s the capability to integrate highly sector-specific systems that makes Synergy 3 such a powerful solution for casinos. Automated evaluation, image analysis, the merging of alarm and event signals from different systems, all add up to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation across the casino as well as detecting patterns in transactions. From minor theft through to major systematic fraud, a sophisticated security system provides efficient security and information management.

Synergy’s intuitive and customisable user interface equips security personnel with all the tools they need to detect instances of fraud, cheating or collusion, debunk erroneous and unjustified claims, document theft and monitor other security-critical transactions – right through to initiating response. Beyond immediate security tasks, the system also is a valuable tool for back of house and management. It can assist in settling disputes among players, provide audit trails of receipts and payments, can monitor footfall or keep an eye on individual players.

With more than 80,000 installed cameras in more than 100 of the largest and most modern casinos in Europe, North America and Asia, Synectics plc is a market leader in integrated security solutions for this demanding industry.