Enterprise-class, Robust, and Resilient Digital Recording and Storage

Synectics digital recording system combines intelligent recording management software with a secure and robust hardware platform for professional video recording, storage and review.

Fully integrated with Synergy 3 command and control platform, operators have access to commonly used functions for playback, incident capture and review, and search. Footage can be delivered to any number of operator review clients with both local and remote access.

Designed to encode, stream and record real-time, MPEG2 or H.264 video from Synectics encoders at up to D1 resolution or MPEG4, H.264 or MJPEG video from third party encoders and IP cameras, PSN 3 supports a variety of proprietary and third party cameras and encoders, including ONVIF compatible devices to deliver real-time, broadcast quality recording.

For optimum resilience and uptime PSN 3 is engineered with inbuilt redundancy with auto RAID rebuild, dual hot swap power supplies and dual gigabit network connections. On-board recording management software and watchdog continuously self-monitors server components and data integrity and manages auto-start in the event of significant failures like power loss.

Delivering Flexibility and Scalability as Standard

Infinitely scalable, Synectics PSN 3 provides a recording and storage solution that can grow with your site as it expands and develops. Available in a range of sizes and capacity configurations, with up to 216TB of usable storage per device, users can select the ‘per unit’ storage based on the individual needs of the site.

Video retention is configurable from hours to years on redundant enterprise servers. Recording can be centralised or distributed, and function in a fully IP or hybrid, analogue/IP CCTV environment.

Secure Evidential-Grade Storage

Every recorded stream is authenticated to 256-bit using SHA-2 hashing. Applied during recording, SHA-2 ensures any exported or replicated video data is identical to the original source and can be validated throughout its evidential life. Synectics Incident Locker provides an additional layer of security and protection for long-term retention of system footage with RAID 6 configuration. Access is password controlled with full audit trails to ensure the integrity of the stored footage is protected.

Integrated Recording, Storage and Management

Synergy Compact, with on-board Synergy 3, provides a powerful and flexible solution that combines viewing, recording, and management of video and alarms with a secure and robust hardware platform.

Available in Pro or Ultra formats with up to 32 IP video channels, and storage options from 3TB – 10.5TB, Synergy Compact is the ideal solution for local or remote sites that require on-site surveillance monitoring and control, with connection into an over-arching command and control centre.