Integrated Surveillance Systems for Critical Security Environments

End to End solutions

Synectics has over 30 years of experience designing and delivering integrated surveillance solutions for the world’s most demanding security environments. Our tailored solutions are successfully deployed around the globe in major casinos, high security and critical infrastructure sites, industrial facilities, banking institutions and public spaces. With a diversified range of products, partners and end users, Synectics is a stable, fast-growing public company that continues to be the solution of choice for some of the most prominent customers within its key sectors.

Flexible and Scalable Enterprise Class Product Range

Whether a project requires a new IP-based video network, upgrading a legacy recording system, or combines a variety of mobile, fixed, analogue and digital surveillance technologies and third party alarm systems, Synectics offers field-proven hardware and software solutions that intelligently and efficiently deliver scalable, enterprise class solutions; all from an integrated, intuitive and customiseable user interface. Synectics products are hardware agnostic and can interface with pre-existing surveillance equipment, as well as with contemporary IP and HD technologies. Therefore, an investment in Synectics, protects you against proprietary hardware “dead ends” and technology obsolescence.

Synectics' integrated CCTV and networked security products are designed to work together to form more complete, efficient and practical end-to-end surveillance solutions. In the process of designing surveillance solutions for unique sector needs, Synectics has developed its own range of products for customers whose needs could not be met by off-the-shelf goods. From our digital recording systems, encoders, IP cameras and Synergy 3 video and alarm integration software to our speciality Ex rated and safe area/marine camera stations, Synectics began as, and remains, a customer-driven solution manufacturer.

Synergy 3, the cornerstone of the Synectics’ solution, is a flexible, expandable, and user friendly video and alarm integration solution that gives surveillance operators timely and centralized access to all the relevant security data in a critical enterprise environment, including analogue and IP camera control, live/recorded video, third party alarm processing, user, incident and situational management, and unparalleled system reliability from inside or outside the control room.

Synectics combines best-of-breed hardware, software, integration, and service to deliver a reliable, flexible and affordable turnkey solution for the fast-changing needs of critical security environments.