Ensure the Security of your Industrial Facility with Intelligently Integrated Solutions


Industrial sites such as factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, house valuable raw materials, supplies and equipment. The latest surveillance technology, including advanced video and security systems, is available to secure these valuable assets effectively and reliably. In addition to protecting the site against threats such as vandalism, burglary, theft or espionage, intelligent surveillance and security management systems can also contribute to process improvements and safety at work.

Modern video surveillance serves as a deterrent to potential intruders, but can also automatically trigger an alert when a person enters the site or unauthorized area. Video cameras provide views across the site and production lines. Easy-to-install outdoor cameras capture who is entering and exiting your site and allow the straightforward monitoring and control of gates and parking areas. In the event of an incident or accident, video recordings provide valuable evidence and aid prosecution.

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With Synergy 3, the powerful command and control platform from Synectics, various security systems - video surveillance, alarm and fire alarm systems, access control - can be operated and managed via a single interface. With Synergy 3, security staff have constant real-time access to live or recorded images. They also have all relevant information at their fingertips, allowing them to assess and navigate any incident more swiftly and effectively. Thanks to its open system architecture, existing systems can be integrated seamlessly into Synergy 3. This includes analogue cameras or legacy stand-alone solutions.

Synergy 3 allows organisations to configure and save rules, policies and instructions that help guide the user during decision making and incident responses and contribute to the deployment of unified safety procedures across locations. Automated processes, such as handling an emergency call, blocking access in safety-critical situations, or generating reports, all improve responsiveness and make a significant contribution to overall organisational security.

Synergy 3 protects companies’ assets and helps security personnel with a vast array of challenges in a fast-changing and increasingly global security environment.