Intelligently Integrated Security Management

The latest evolution of Synectics comprehensive command and control platform, Synergy 3 is the result of 30 years security industry experience and sector expertise.

Synergy 3 is a user-friendly, centralised command and control platform with unparalleled flexibility, expandability, and resiliency.

An open architecture platform, Synergy 3 is designed to present and manage alarms, video, and transactional data from independent sub-systems – such as access control, fire, process control, point of sale – in a secure, unified and visually intuitive command and control environment.

A range of features are available, suitable for entry-level to enterprise class deployments, that can be cost-effectively implemented across a site or multi-site operation. This flexible, tiered approach enables you to assign the right level of functionality based on the user or site’s unique requirements. Software tiers can be upgraded with additional functionality as needed, and evolve with the site as your requirements develop.

Synergy 3 Features:

  • Flexible, tiered software licensing to fit any size application
  • Integrated video, data and alarm command and control
  • Touch-screen, map-based navigation for simplicity of operation
  • Proactive and automated incident management and collaboration
  • Database driven, user-definable, on-screen forms and customised reports
  • System fault and alarm management, automated workflows, and reporting
  • Uncapped scalability to accommodate system growth
  • Multi-tiered resilience and redundancy for maximum system uptime

Alarm Management and Workflows

Synergy 3 logically connects alarm events to video and situational management processes with its extensive alarm monitoring and alert system. The system delivers colour-coded visual and audio messages for both internal (system) failures and external alarms (access control, intrusion, etc), presents associated maps and video, and displays management-defined procedures that guide operator response to incidents. By quickly and automatically linking pertinent alarm events to live and recorded video, operators are able to react more intelligently and decisively when it matters most.

Custom workflows automate and track operator reactions to defined alarm conditions. They can incorporate custom forms, diary tasks, contacts, or automated email or text messaging to ensure accurate, consistent, and deliberate responses to alarm events to remove confusion during high pressure situations and ensure compliance with regulations.

Smart Video Analytics

Synergy 3 Video Content Analysis (VCA), combined with Synectics iSynx Centralised VCA Server, provides “smart” monitoring to identify camera tampering, gross scene change, object classification, and tripwires in real time or after the fact. Synergy 3 may be configured to systematically compare surveillance activity against predefined rules, such as tripwire or motion, automatically detect and alarm on potential security breaches, and then bring the incident, location, and corresponding camera feeds to the attention of live operators. Security personnel monitoring large or distributed facilities can identify, verify, and respond quickly and confidently.

Multi-Site and Mobile Surveillance Solutions

For local or remote sites that require on-site surveillance monitoring and control, with connection into an over-arching command and control centre, Synectics delivers Synergy Compact.

Available in Pro and Ultra formats, with up to 321 IP video channels, and storage options from 3TB – 10.5TB, Synergy Compact, with on-board Synergy 3 control software, combines viewing, recording and management of video and alarms in a secure and robust hardware platform.

Mobile access to the central Synergy system is available with Synectics ruggedised Synergy Tablet. Through wireless connectivity, users can access Synergy command and control functionality outside of the control room, including selecting, viewing and controlling both live and recorded footage, and accessing systems maps and alarm data for mobile incident capture and management.

1Synergy Compact Ultra