History of Synectic Systems GmbH - Milestones

  • 1995 Foundation of Indanet GmbH
  • 1995 Development of ATM network technology for Siemens AG
  • 1997 Development and production of active ATM network components (switches, server, audio server)
  • 2000 Development of the first integrated control center software für public transport services
  • 2002 Build and roll-out of the first fully integrated control center for security and service in public transport
  • 2005 Development and production of the first H.264-Multichannel-CCTV server with dual encoding
  • 2006 Development and production of the first VoIP based emergency call systems
  • 2008 Development and production of the fully digital mobile CCTV surveillance and infotainment solutions
  • 2009 Interfacing building control technology into the control center environment
  • 2011 For future growth, Indanet joins the Synectics plc. group
  • 2012 Establishing and building a business perspective for the industry market with Synergy
  • 2013 Introduction of nxDataHub-Spider at Deutsche Bahn
  • 2013 Research project ADIS - Demonstrator for automatical detection of threatening situations
  • 2013 Development of, a video management system for both, vehicles and stations
  • 2014 Development of IndaCord NVR compact, a digital recorder for use in vehicles
  • 2016 Indanet GmbH becomes Synectic Systems GmbH