On the Right Track: Towards Future-Proof Systems

Almost half the world's population today live in urban centres – and more people join them every day. The emergence of cities as focal points of modern life brings with it new challenges for public transport, and a need for intelligent and appealing transport solutions. Read more...


Industrial Facilities

Ensure the Security of your Industrial Facility with Intelligently Integrated Solutions

Industrial sites such as factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, house valuable raw materials, supplies and equipment. The latest surveillance technology, including advanced video and security systems, is available to secure these valuable assets effectively and reliably. Read more...


Towns & Public Facilities

Putting Public Safety First

There is hardly a more important task than ensuring public safety. Preventing crime and vandalism, as well as protecting people and public spaces against acts of terrorism, are no longer important for capitals and major landmarks alone, but concern towns and cities of all sizes. Read more...



Sustainable Security for the Grid

Public utilities, such as electricity and water supplies, are part of a country’s critical infrastructure and as such require high levels of security. Highly reliable security systems protect this infrastructure and are tailored to exacting specifications. Read more...


Banking & Finance

Bank on Integrated Security

Synectics security systems and products are ideally suited to the requirements of banks and other institutions and their data centers. In these environments, modern, reliable monitoring systems are essential to protecting facilities against robbery, sabotage, burglaries, fraud and vandalism. Read more...



Casino Security – Don’t Take a Gamble

Casinos are subject to strict regulations, hold large amounts of cash and present a unique challenge for security and surveillance systems. Visual data from hundreds of cameras must be recorded and analysed 24/7, 365 days a year – to track chips and cards, capture quick hand movements and trace fraudulent cash transactions. Read more...