Video Solutions for Public Transport Vehicles

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Ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers and staff, as well as protecting property against vandalism, are important priorities in public transport. Video surveillance solutions help achieve these goals.

Synectics provides video solutions for use in vehicles. Any requirement, from the simplest to the most complex video solution, can be met and deployed. This includes the following:

  • Video recording with high resolution and frame rate
  • Linking video and event data (e.g. door opening or pulling of emergency brake) for faster processing
  • Active management of storage periods, for example, 24, 48 or 72 hours, to comply with data protection legislation
  • Protection of video data in the event of an alarm, to prevent periodic overwriting
  • Alarm-triggered live camera views in the cab to provide the driver with relevant live video data (eg in the event of emergency brakes being pulled)
  • Video-assisted clearing for departure by switching to platform cameras
  • Recording audio data
  • Specific methods to increase system reliability and optimize redundancy
  • Video link to back office