Indanets IP Video Now in Operation on Berlin Underground

Monday, 21 September 2015

A bottle of Berliner Weisse was on hand on 2nd September 2015 for the governing mayor of Berlin to christen the new IK trains for the Berlin underground with the nickname ‘Icke’. The new trains are being specifically developed for the Berlin small profile train network.

Instead of the 6 months that were contractually agreed for test certification, work was completed in under 4 months, ensuring that both of the 4-part pilot production vehicles could be put into operation on schedule.

As with all Berlin underground trains, Indanet has delivered a video surveillance system for the new trains to ensure passenger safety. The IK trains will have a modern IP video solution with IP cameras, monitor (panel PC) and suitable network attached storage in the driver’s cab.

The total agreed delivery is for 37 trains.