System Solutions for Passenger Comfort Applications in Public Transport Vehicles

Rail IT

Synectics develops and delivers integrated, IP-based vehicle IT systems for passenger comfort applications in public transport vehicles. As a system supplier, we take full responsibility for the end-to-end functioning of our solutions. We offer proven and innovative solutions for vehicle networks, data management, video systems, automatic passenger counting and passenger information.

For all sub-systems, we offer the complete suite of services - from planning and conceptual design, supply of hardware and software, right through to maintenance and service during operation.

Vehicle Networks

An ethernet serves as the central communication network on board. All system components, such as displays, passenger intercoms, cameras, ticket machines, can be connected to this IP network, minimizing cabling throughout the vehicle. Ethernet provides high data rates (up to 1 Gbit / s) for fast transfer of the large volumes of data produced and required by modern video and infotainment solutions. Similarly, this unified communication platform allows the deployment of cross-system, interacting applications.

We provide the following solutions:

  • Vehicle networks with extensive and detailed planning and documentation of topology, address concept and configuration
  • Solutions for bridging the traction coupling via PLC or WLAN
  • Wireless communication between vehicle and background systems, via WLAN, UMTS and LTE
  • Integration of vehicle networks into the stationary infrastructures

Data Management

Synectics’ nxDataHub provides a central data hub function on the vehicle. It captures and merges all data generated by each train unit into a single data model. The converging of different applications via a data hub provides significant advantages when unifying and modifying a suite of on-board applications and unlocks extensive capabilities for the gathering, processing and distribution of information.

The following solutions can be deployed:

  • Central diagnosis display on the train, with predefined, context-based troubleshooting instructions for on-board and depot staff
  • Integration of standardized and proprietary vehicle bus systems in the IP infrastructure
  • Sharing of data (door signal, GPS, emergency call, etc.) across various applications and features
  • Automatic detection of train composition/car sequence

Automatic Passenger Counting

As a basis for revenue distribution across operators or for scheduling purposes, Automatic Passenger Counting (APC systems) can be installed on vehicles. Sensors on the doors determine the number of incoming and outgoing passengers. This data is then linked with other relevant information, such as date, time, vehicle number, and stopping point, and sent wirelessly to a background system,where the data can be analyzed and processed.

Our offering includes:

  • Automatic Passenger Counting via "time-of-flight" or 3D camera sensors
  • Powerful and comprehensive background software to analyze APC data
  • Additional video-based passenger counting - by recorded video data from on-board sensors using the footage for manual counting of incoming and outgoing passengers at back office
  • Display of video data from all sensors on board, for example in the cab, to support clearance for departure at a stop

Passenger Information System

The passenger information system is the heart of all passenger comfort systems on the vehicle. It is immediately visible for passengers and therefore impacts directly on passenger satisfaction. Innovative displays can show any content such as information about individual stops, interchanges or disruptions. Powerful yet energy-saving external displays inform passengers waiting on the platform of line name or number and terminus. The on-board audio system allows the playback of predefined announcements, as well as the broadcasting of live driver and control room messages via internal or external speakers.

We offer:

  • Solutions for visual and acoustic passenger information
  • Passenger intercom systems for communication between driver and passenger
  • Infotainment solutions for the display of advertising information, news and other passenger-facing content

Video Systems

Our portfolio also includes comprehensive on-vehicle video surveillance solutions. Detailed information on our offering can be found under "Mobile Video Systems".