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IP Communications in Public Transport Vehicles

Synectics is a member of the VDV Standardization Committee and Project Team involved in the IP-KOM-ÖV standardization research project, and that means it is making a major contribution towards creating a modern IBIS-IP Standard to replace the old IBIS bus.

The ADIS Project with BMBF

Synectics, as the group coordinator and system integrator, is researching the use of video-supported pattern recognition for the automated detection of situations in public areas which require intervention. Partners in the research are the Munich Transport Corporation (Verkehrsgesellschaft), the Bavarian Provincial Criminal Investigation Branch, the IPK Fraunhofer Institute, and Heidelberg University.

The ORGAMIR Research Project with BMBF

Synectics, as system integrator and industrial assessor, together with nine group partners, is researching into a decision-supported guidance system for cross-organizational risk avoidance in the event of the release of hazardous substances in underground railway stations. This includes dynamic emergency exit control with the aid of audible and visual support.

BMWi “Train Application Spider” Research Project

The goal set by Synectics is to use the “Spider” to achieve a breakthrough for IP network technology in public transport vehicles, especially rail vehicles. The intended result is to provide a solution ready to go into use which will make operation more flexible, reduce the risk of breakdown, and, last but not least, make changes and extensions to the system landscape easier, particularly with regard to acceptance and approval.

Joint Development with the IPK Fraunhofer Institute

Intelligent video image evaluation for situation-related issue of message texts on DB (German Railways) station platforms.