Security Management for the Most Demanding Environments


Synectics is a systems supplier for integrated security management systems. We offer an end-to-end service - from planning and conceptual design, supply and delivery of all hardware and software, commissioning, staff training in the use of the system, through to maintenance and service during operation. In addition to video management solutions, we can integrate adjacent security systems such as access control, intruder detection, fire alarms and other sub and legacy systems.

Synergy 3 from Synectics is the system of choice for demanding security management solutions. It is used around the world to protect critical sites such as, public spaces, financial institutions, casinos, as well as high-security locations and critical infrastructure.

Synergy was developed to collect the multitude of alerts from various independent systems, as commonly encountered in complex commercial and industrial environments (ie, access control, fire protection, cash integration, etc.), and display these alerts on a single visual and intuitive interface. Due to the quick and automated linking of alarm events, operators can respond rapidly and decisively.

Comprehensive alarm monitoring and reporting systems provide visual and audio messages for internal system errors and external system events, presents maps and videos for alarms, and can initiate pre-defined workflows that guide the user through critical situations without skipping any important steps. Synergy's incident management system can be adapted to individual needs, and supports longer-running criminal investigations by storing maps, notes and synchronized video clips in dedicated case files and making them available long term.

Synergy optimizes processing of incoming events by automating routine functions, i.e. triggering of audio alarms, controlling movement of PTZs, connecting selected cameras with local spot monitors, identifying alarm points on site maps, locking or unlocking doors, as well as electronic notification of important contacts or groups. Synergy documents all these activities in a database and creates a directory and a case file in which all relevant data is stored for future reviews and audits.

Various types of systems have already been successfully integrated using Synergy, including:

  • Access control systems
  • Perimeter protection systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Communication systems

Synergy’s integration capabilities go far beyond the examples shown here. We can integrate virtually any external system that provides an API and transmits data via RS232, Ethernet or I / Os.