Videomanagement 150

Video Solutions

Smart and Innovative Video Management Solutions

Synectics offers a wide range of innovative solutions for digital video monitoring and recording. Besides our own software solutions we offer a wide range of own camera- and recording-hardware. Open system architecture allows us to efficiently integrate third party hardware and legacy systems. Read more...

Sicherheitsmanagement 150

Security Management

Security Management for Demanding Environments

Synectics is a proven System Supplier for integrated Security Management. Our offering includes all necessary steps from consulting and planning to delivering hard- and software, installation and implementation, staff- and operator trainings... Read more...

Leitstellen 150

Command & Control

Evolved Command and Control

Modern day command and control systems integrate and manage operation, analysis and control of multiple, often locally separated security systems of different nature in one single platform. Synergy 3 by Synectics delivers an open... Read more...

Mobiles Video 150

Mobile Video Solutions

On-board Video Systems

The requirements for safety and well-being of passengers and of its own staff as well as the protection of property against vandalism damage have a high priority in public transport. Video surveillance solutions help to achieve these goals. Read more...

Komfortsysteme 150

Rail IT Solutions

Convenience Applications in Public Transport Vehicles

For public transportation vehicles, we offer IP-based vehicle IT systems for comfort applications. As a system supplier, we take responsibility for the overall functional solution. We offer proven and equally innovative solutions... Read more...

Services 150


Service from a Sole Source and Trusted Partner

A complex project starts with the brainstorming that brings about a smart concept and culminates in the managed services that keep this intelligent solution up and running. It takes a set of sophisticated skills to accomplish the many tasks along the way. Read more...