On the Right Track: Towards Future-Proof Systems


Do you know the full potential of your infrastructure?

Almost half the world's population today live in urban centres – and more people join them every day. The emergence of cities as focal points of modern life brings with it new challenges for public transport, and a need for intelligent and appealing transport solutions. The key to ensuring efficient use of transport technology and pleasant passenger experiences is safety and services. Both can be provided through an infrastructure that is needs-based and flexible, and through effective information technology.

Synectics’ offering spans everything from stationary and mobile subsystems in the field and their linking up into networks, through to over-arching solutions for operating and service control centres. This means that the full range of technology solutions and services, including state-of-the-art system solutions (management software, video equipment, communications equipment, passenger information, passenger counting, emergency equipment and positioning systems), is available from a single provider.

Ideas such as "safety through improved services“,automation of processes, video-assisted clearing for departure or automated operation, are becoming increasingly important in the public transport sector. Disparate analogue systems and subsystems are being replaced by overarching digital/IP solutions that lead to greater efficiency and open up capabilities to accomodate new, or even as-yet-unknown applications. Proprietary systems are being superseded by networked, IEEE-compliant solutions – a step-by-step transition that at times requires complex interface conversions, but the result of which allows the integration of a plethora of innovative applications.

At control centre level, our mobile workforce management systems and organisation-wide workflows enable efficient capturing, processing and interpreting of alerts, faults and incidents.

Synectics’ work in the sector focuses on developing intelligently integrated system solutions for manufacturers and operators.